Simulated Fire Training

According to NAFED, over 94% of all fires are extinguished with portable fire extinguishers. Trained employees use portable fire extinguishers with greater confidence and 2 1/2 times greater effectiveness then untrained employees. The Fire Simulator provides realistic operation and application techniques using various flammable-liquid fire scenarios. The simulator can be used for first-time fire training or as a refresher for individuals who have completed previous training.  Simulated Fire Training meets the requirements of OSHA annual interior incipient fire training.
The Fire Simulator Consists of a computer, projector, rear-projection screen, control module, speakers, and extinguisher. It is easily and rapidly set up in a space no bigger than 10’ x 25’.  The computer is custom designed and programmed to recognize if a student is using the correct application technique for the type of fire being extinguished; if the student does not use the correct technique or the extinguisher discharge time elapses, the fire will re-flash. Computer controlled speakers duplicate the actual noise of the fire even as it reacts to the extinguishing process. Compressed air is discharged through the extinguisher nozzle to further add to the realism.

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