Flame Tamer

Buckeye Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression System

The Buckeye Kitchen Mister Restaurant System is the uncomplicated, cost effective, dealer friendly restaurant system that distributors have always wanted.  The Kitchen Mister incorporates every good idea from existing systems, adds common sense features distributors have wanted for years, and includes innovative technologies that eliminate conduit, corner pulleys, and multiple fusible link brackets.  The result is a system that is easier to design and install, has the lowest installed cost, and offers end users the latest in fire fighting technology.  This systems specially designed misting nozzles produce the perfect agent droplet size, almost immediately extinguishing any kitchen fire and affording the Buckeye Kitchen Mister the best coverage of any system on the market.

**Some parts are only available to authorized dealers.

Flame Tamer

ProTex II Resaurant Fire Suppression System

Protex is not only a great restaurant fire suppression system, it's the right marketing plan to fit your business.  It is designed for maximum versatility to suit any installation.  Flexible placement of piping, nozzles, and cylinders enable creative, efficient kitchen design.  Using a wet chemical system agent, Protex II is an ideal choice for meeting the stringent testing and appovals required today.  Protex II is a natural addition to your product line.